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AIO or all-in-one cloth diaper - This is a popular style of cloth diaper that does not need an insert as it already has its liner sewn in. Most aio diapers are also pocket diapers making it easy to add another insert or a doublers inside the pocket for overnight protection.  These are a popular, hassle free choice that are a favorite amongst parents and other caregivers.

Chinese Prefold cloth Diaper - Chinese prefolds come in many different absorbencies and sizes. They need to be folded before placing in a cloth diaper cover or may be used as an insert in pocket diapers.

Cloth wipes - Cloth wipes are made out of a variety of materials and offer exceptional savings as the average disposable wipe household often spends upwards of $900 during diapering. Cloth wipes are thinner than wash cloths and many can fit into a small plastic bin for easy access. Many parents also enjoy making their own wipe solution. Recipes vary and can be found all over the Internet

Diaper Cover - Diaper covers come in all shapes and sizes. They are waterproof covers made to wear over a cloth diaper that requires a separate cover to make it waterproof such as a flat, prefold, or fitted diaper.

Diaper Service Quality(the best cloth diapers)- A prefold diaper meeting the high expectations of diaper services. Diaper service quality prefolds are super absorbent and are able to withstand numerous washings. 

Diaper Shower/Sprayers - An attachment that connects to the water source of your toilet that is used to spray off solids before they are placed in the diaper pail.  Diaper showers are muli-purpose attachments that will become a favorite.  Use the shower for personal cleansing post-partum too!  This is an indespensible tool to the cloth diapering family!

Doublers - An extra and often smaller insert added to another insert or prefold diaper to add absorbency. Typically used for bedtime, heavy wetters, or infants who are primarily breast or bottle fed. Doublers are sometimes referred to as boosters, as they boost the absorbency of a regular insert.

Dry bags - This is a term used to describe a wet bag that also contains another pocket (usually zippered) for your clean diapers too. These are fantastic for travel when one bag is typically all a person wants with them when diapering on the go.

Fitted Diaper - Fitted diapers are a lot like prefold diapers in that they are a diaper that is completely absorbent. They often offer more protection than an insert. They need a diaper cover to be waterproof. Many parents who are new to cloth diapers become confused when a fitted diaper is shown without a cover. They do require a cover and we make sure to let our customers know when they are looking at a fitted diaper that requires a cover.

Insert - a no-fold, rectangle cloth made of hemp, micro terry, bamboo, or any other absorbent material that is placed inside the pocket of any pocket diaper.

One Size Diaper - A diaper that has adjustable snaps that are snapped or unsnapped to adjust for a growing baby or multiple children. One size diapers are highly economical and can be used on most babies from birth to potty training. The drawback with one size diapers is that they are often a bit more bulky that sized diapers that come in a range of sizes. However, the bulk tends to be the most prominent in younger, smaller babies. As the baby grows and puts on weight, the bulk is not nearly as noticeable. In a toddler, there is no difference at all.

Organic - fabric derived from plant material that is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Organic is derived naturally and created without the use of dyes or other bleaching agents.

Prefold - Think of the old fashioned diapers that were once pinned. These are still in use today, but often used in a different way. Some parent use them as inserts, folding them in thirds and placing them inside pocket diapers. Some use them alone with a diaper cover.

Sized diapers - This is a term for a diaper that comes in newborn, small, medium, large, petite, or extra large. It can be an aio diaper, pocket diaper, trainer, swim diaper, or any other variation.

Wet bags - Wet bags are a fabulous and convenient way to store your dirty diapers. They are made of a material coated in PLU that keeps the wetness away from the outside of the bag. They are washable and require the same care as your pocket diapers and diaper covers.  Instead of dealing with a nasty diaper pail or plastic bags, just scoop up your full wetbag and toss it in the wash with your diapers!  Wet bags come in all sizes, colors, and patterns. They come in pail liners too. Wet bags are great for parents who use daycare. They provide the daycare with a place to store the child's diapers. The parent can then take the bag home and empty it in the regular diaper pail.