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Cloth Training Pants

Cloth Training Pants- Cloth diapers especially designed with the ability for potty training toddlers to easily pull them off and on.  Trainers come in two varieties: day trainers and night trainers.  Day trainers are made entirely from cloth and are not waterproof and are therefore meant to only catch small accidents.  Night trainers typically have pockets capable of holding various inserts and they also posses a waterproof PUL cover making them capable of containing larger accidents such as with overnight usage.  Due to the added absorbency, night trainers are more bulky than trim fitting day trainers.

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Happy Heinys Cloth Training Pants (Night Trainers) Happy Heinys Cloth Training Pants (Night Trainers)
From the makers of Happy Heiny pocket diapers, a wonderful pocket trainer for your toddler! Featuring the same water…
Blueberry Day Trainers Blueberry Day Trainers
These training pants are designed to feel like real underwear for those who are potty training. With an inner lining m…